Frequently Asked Questions

The sea turtle DB is a password protected, approved user system to ensure that data are protected. User registration provides an additional layer of data privacy. Registering as a member/contributor will give you access to public metadata and allow you to participate in the user forum, data contribution, and tag look-up tools.
Users are only approved if they can show evidence of ongoing research activity. Approval is based on affiliation with active research organizations such as government, NGO, higher education, consulting agencies, etc. Please contact us if you need help with registration.
Data privacy will be selected by the user at the project registration stage. Before uploading can occur, users must create an active project to associate data to. The user will decide if and what data (i.e., tagging metadata, biological data, and/or morphometric data) they want to be shared publicly for that project. When a tag is re-encountered, the individual who looks up the tag ID will then be able to see all selected data (if public), or the tag owner's contact information. The exchange of any private data will occur between researchers. Unless marked private, all project metadata will be searchable on the site for registered users.
The sea turtle database architecture is built around unique tag IDs. Any tagging data (PIT, flipper, acoustic, satellite, radio, etc.) can be registered in the database. Additionally, multiple tags (i.e., one PIT tag and two flipper tags) can be registered per individual. Data can be upload one-at-a-time using the data portal or can be formatted in this template to batch upload.
If you are a registered user, you will be able to enter the tag ID in the "Tag Look-up" tab. Depending on whether the tag owner registered the data as public or private, you will either receive associated data or contact information.
The sea turtle database is a password protected platform for collaboration including the exchange of ideas and data. Project owners decide what (if any) data are available publicly. Private data are available only to the project owners, and only owner contact information will be displayed if a tag is searched in the "Tag Lookup" tab. Non-members do not have access to the data or forum. Data will not be used or distributed by database administrators or associated sponsors.
The user news a forum can be found here.