About the Sea Turtle DB

The sea turtle database was started in 2020 as a central repository for all sea turtle tagging data and metadata. After many back and forth emails seeking mystery PIT and flipper tag IDs on the C-Turtle list-serve, a group of researchers saw the need for a more streamlined way to query, track, and share tagging data. Our goal is to increase the ease of data sharing and global collaboration to work towards inclusive and effective management of marine turtles.

Our Mission

  • Facilitate integrative, global collaboration through partnerships and data sharing
  • Stimulate advanced research and technological innovation for sea turtles and habitat conservancy
  • Leverage a network of experts and data-driven science to inform policy for the conservation and management of sea turtles

Sea Turtle DB Data Policy

The sea turtle database is a password protected platform for collaboration including the exchange of ideas and data. Project owners decide what (if any) data are available publicly. Private data are available only to the project owners, and only owner contact information will be displayed if a tag is searched in the "Tag Lookup" tab. Non-members do not have access to the data or forum.


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